our standards

While each class is tailored to their specific age range, our program prides itself on maintaining successful standards across the curriculum. Click the buttons below to learn about specific classrooms


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Our play-based and hands-on oriented program is designed to meet the individual needs of the
children and reflect their emerging interests while supporting their mastery of new abilities.
Children develop self-esteem, self-control and the skills to become effective problem-solvers
through developmentally appropriate activities designed to enhance the basic processes
necessary for learning.

Our goal is to weave faith development into all other areas of development, giving us a whole
child approach.  We pray, sing songs, hear Bible stories and use real objects to interact with the
stories.  At this young age, faith is a practical expression of feeling safe, loving one another,
helping each other and treating each other with respect.  We want children to know that God
loves them and so do we...and that they can love God and others also..

Our program is designed to meet the individual growth needs of each child. Each teacher works
cooperatively with families, students, and other faculty members to determine the child’s level
of development, needs, and interest.
1. Providing a responsive environment where children and adults feel supported and free
to explore materials, ideas and feelings;
2. Fostering healthy self-esteem in every child by respecting the individual’s needs,
abilities, personality, and culture;
3. Fostering the development of each child’s social-emotional, cognitive, language,
physical, and creative abilities using developmentally appropriate activities and
4. Providing a safe, clean environment that promotes safety, healthy practices, and an
appreciation for nutritious food;
5. Working in partnership with parents to ensure that children are receiving the highest
quality of care;
6. To provide young children with an enriching and developmentally appropriate early
learning opportunity.
7. To promote among parents a greater understanding of their child’s growth and
8. To partner with parents to form a sense of community that is supportive, positive, and
uplifting to the foundation of a child’s life. It helps them to learn about themselves. It
helps them learn how to tackle challenges, build knowledge, and thrive. Children grow
emotionally, intellectually, and physically through both their relationships and through their


The Child Development Center is licensed and operates under the standards set by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.