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To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through care and concern for others both inside and outside the walls of the church.

God's Work Our Hands


Through your outstanding generosity, we were able to provide the only aids hospice facility in Austin with much-needed support.  In-kind donations included toiletries, other personal care items, Ensure nutritional supplements, socks, undergarments, games, art supplies, and backpacks.


You also donated $200 in gift cards,

as well as cash which enabled us

to purchase an additional $400 in

gift cards.  


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Recently several disasters made the news which have left many homeless, helpless, and hopeless.

  • In Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Hurricane Fiona brought torrential rainfall and devastating flooding to the islands.  They are experiencing an island-wide blackout and damaged buildings and infrastructure.  LDR is working with the Caribbean Synod to develop an immediate response in impacted communities.

  • In Alaska, the remains of Typhoon Merck have caused widespread flooding along the state's western coast.  Strong waves and heavy rainfall damaged homes, seawalls, roads and other infrastructure.  LDR is working with Alaska Synod to address the needs before the water freezes.

  • In Japan, Typhoon Nanmadol hit Kyushu, the country's southernmost main island.  Wind gusts over 145mph and heavy rainfall caused at least one landslide and damaged homes and businesses.  LDR has been in contact with the ELCA's global personnel in Japan.

  • In Papua New Guinea, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit on Sept. 11 with ensuing aftershocks. At least three people have died, and many buildings and roads were impacted.  The Lutheran Nursing School connected with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea was damaged in the earthquake.

  • In Pakistan, the summer monsoon flooding is causing a widespread humanitarian crisis.  The flooding has killed 1500 people and up to 7 million people may be displaced.

Consider a donation to the
Lutheran Disaster Response General Fund
which will enable the organization to respond to these and other disasters
whenever and wherever they strike.

Go to www.elca.org and type "Disaster Response" in the Search box.