Outreach . . .
To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through care and concern for others both inside and outside the walls of the church.

How can you help your neighbors during the COVID-19

"shelter in place" order?

Congress recently approved an economic stimulus package which will put a check into the hands of most Americans.  For some of us, that check will provide necessary relief.  For others, it would be nice to have, but not necessary for our economic survival.  If you don’t absolutely NEED this infusion of cash, consider donating the funds to these non-profit organizations or to others dear to your heart.

Our CDC is currently shuttered and tuition payments from clients are on hold.  CDC was

able to pay the teachers through the end of March, but now our teachers are unemployed.  They are not eligible for governmental unemployment benefits because the CDC does not contribute to that fund. Your donation would enable us to financially help our teachers until we can re-open.  Send a check payable to the Faith Lutheran designating it for the CDC or, try on-line giving located on our Home Page.

Bread for All.jpg

In the past few weeks Bread for All has seen a dramatic increase in the number of neighbors who depend on the pantry.  As more people experience unemployment as a result of the pandemic we expect those numbers to continue to increase.  

Two ways you can help:

1. Send checks payable to Bread for All c/o Abiding Love Lutheran Church, 7210 Brush Country

    Road, Austin, TX 78749.

2. Continue to support this ministry through donation of food and/or strong, reusable bags.  As food

     distribution practices have changed from allowing our neighbors to choose their food to our providing

     them with pre-stuffed bags of food, the pantry needs more reusable bags.

To donate food or bags, call Cathy at 972-672-8893. She will either meet you at church to receive your donations OR she will come to your house to pick them up -- keeping a safe social distance, of course.

With the cancellation of weekend movie nights and all public visits to Community First! Village, residents have lost opportunities to sell food concessions and their art pieces resulting in loss of income.  With social distancing rules in affect, residents can no longer prepare community meals in their communal kitchens.  The 180+ formerly homeless men and women are being served pre-packaged meals at a greater cost to the organization.  Mobile Loaves and Fishes Trucks continue to bring meals to the homeless population on the streets of Austin.  As more people lose their jobs due to

the economic downturn, they expect to be feeding more and more of our neighbors.  You can contribute through this link:  www.mlf.org

Many of their employees provide essential care for the children and do not have an option to do this work from home.  To ensure they can follow public health guidelines and stay at home for their families if the need arises, Upbring

is providing flexible work schedules, additional paid time off and steps to maintain income for their hourly employees.  To do so, every single member of Upbring’s Senior Leadership Team has chosen to donate large portions of their paid time off leave to employees in need.  You can help provide essential medical supplies and household necessities, educational resources and additional counseling and spiritual care services by donating to their Unmet Needs Fund.  Or, you can provide specific items from their wish list.  Both can be found at Upbring’s website through this link:  www.Upbring.org