Outreach . . .
To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through care and concern for others both inside and outside the walls of the church.

Ways to reach out to others even during a pandemic . . .


Can You Help

Refugee Services of Texas

provide laptops for families?

Laptops are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity, now more than ever. We do know AISD will be online the first 3 weeks. If it continues to be online, many of our refugee parents are concerned about their children falling behind. Online is not an ideal situation but for the safety of our community it's probably going to be our reality for a while. We want to make sure all families have laptops to keep their children on track.

Laptops are not only for school, though. They are a vital tool for everyone. Laptops are used in our ESL online tutoring, helping parents look for jobs, applying for assistance, getting job training and even keeping in touch with family. 

Laptops are the most requested items by all of our case managers. Please help a family achieve self-sufficiency by donating a laptop today!

For more information, visit their website:  www.rstx.org. (then choose the Austin location)

Shop for other needed items through their Amazon Wishlist here.

Or provide gifts cards from:  Target, Walmart, HEB, Visa, fast food restaurants.

Humanitarian Food Crisis!!

We are facing the worst humanitarian food crisis since World War II.

140 million people around the world are affected.

40 million more than pre-COVID-19.

David Beasley, Executive Director of World Food Programme

Lack of access to food is the result of many issues.  For example:

  • Climate Change -- the dessert locust outbreak in Ethiopia, and hail and drought in Sudan have desecrated food crops

  • War -- Yemen, Syria, Lebanon -- food prices have soared as food has become scarce

  • COVID-19 pandemic -- 50% of Ethiopia's economy is tourism; 94% of Nigeria's economy is oil.  As people have stopped traveling and planes have stopped flying, these economies have come to a standstill 

This food crisis could lead to mass starvation, mass migration, and political unrest.

David Beasley was recently interviewed on PBS NewsHour about this crisis.  To see the interview,

click here.  (His interview begins about halfway through the program at 27:49.)

For more information about how World Food Programme is fighting this crisis, click here.


Consider reaching out to others through these organizations:

www.Upbring.org           www.rstx.org (Refugee Services of Texas)        www.mlf.org (Mobile Loaves and Fishes)

 www.faithlutheranaustin.org/cdc (Faith Lutheran Church Child Development Center)     


www.lwr.org (Lutheran World Relief)          www.ELCA.org/worldhunger


www.elca.org/LDR (Lutheran Disaster Response)


www.austincitylutherans.org/food (Bread for All Food Pantry)      


www.austincitylutherans.org (Mariposa Family Learning Center)