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Please do lessons in order!

Classes and Topics
Class will be held the first Sunday of the month
from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.,
with either Pastor Gary or Michael teaching.
October 14:  Bible Books
November 11:  Bible Geography
December 16:  Old Testament Characters
January 13:  New Testament World
February 10:  Introduction to the Gospel of Mark
March 10:  Watch a Jesus movie
April 14:  What does the New Testament have to do
with the Old Testament.
May 12:  New Testament characters.

Online Resources

Click below to access online Bible resources.


Year Two: The Small Catechism

"Where Luther Walked"

Watch the video above and be ready to discuss it.

You will meet once a month with you instructor.  The following are the monthly topics and instructions.
September: Watch movie "Where Luther Walked"; Do lesson: Intro to the Small Catechism and Being Lutheran.
October: Ten Commandments
November: Apostles Creed
January: Lord's Prayer
February: Sacraments
March: Church Year and Liturgy
April: Service and Mission
May 31: Confirmation, Day of Pentecost
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